About Our Cause



DanielWhen Kyle was younger he lost a childhood friend to cancer, Sean Hanna. Recently, as a middle school teacher, Kyle watched as a student, Daniel Nols, lost that fight as well.


Knowing how the students and the community as a whole felt, he wanted to give back. By breakingĀ the Guinness World Record for Most Pull Ups in 24 hours twice in 2014 he did just that. Through generous donations and selling “Team Gurk” shirts, the both events were able to raise over 5,000 dollars. Retro Fitness also donated a check for 5,000 dollars on Fox and Friends, making the total to date just underĀ $12,000.


The new mission is to increase awareness and support for Ronald McDonald House of Central and Northern New Jersey. Kyle will once again try breaking the World Record for most pull-ups in 24 hours for a third and final time.! Please come out and support, buy a shirt, volunteer as a witness, donate to the website, everything helps!